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Theaters, Corporate or weddings are
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of Edllusion.


Edllusion offers the best entertainment to various group types.


edllusion offers the best entertainment to various group types.


Magic has been a popular source of entertainment for as long as humans have been creating it. In that sense, magic is as old as humanity itself. If you really want to experience the real spirit of magic, the most sought-after Toronto illusionist is here. Edllusion is the best magician & illusionist in Toronto that will keep your guest entertained and guessing at every twist and turn. He caters to all kinds of events, from birthday parties to weddings and corporate events. Get in touch with him to discuss your next event and get an entertainment package tailored specifically to you and your event.


There is no better way to make your event stay in the memories of your guests than having Edllusion on the stage. Edllusion is a great entertainer known for providing unbelievable yet true experiences and guaranteed entertainment. With his crazy illusions and tricks, he can mesmerize every member of the audience effortlessly. So, get ready to be entertained, amazed, and spellbound with the unbelievable magic of Toronto’s best illusionist. His type of magic is a perfect blend of magic and comedy that leaves every mind blown and every jaw dropped. Get in touch and book your show before the slots get filled.


If you want to make any event memorable, adding a touch of magic can be a great option. Let the show begin by booking your show with Edllusion. Whether you need non-stop laughter at your corporate event or watch the audience gasp in amazement at a wedding party, Edllusion knows how to make it happen. Being among the best Toronto magicians, he never fails to indulge everyone with his remarkable sleight of hand tricks. He uses astounding magic tricks that are fun, interactive, and mind-boggling. What makes him the best magician in Toronto is his matchless interaction skills. Edllusion can definitely give you a magic show that’ll wow your guests!

Grand Illusion Show

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to have your minds blown by the awe-inspiring grand illusion show presented by the one and only Edllusion! Step into a world where reality bends, and magic reigns supreme. As you enter the magnificent theater adorned with shimmering lights, Edllusion takes center stage, captivating you with his mesmerizing presence.

The show begins with an astonishing display of mind-reading that leaves you questioning the limits of human perception. Edllusion delves into the depths of your thoughts, revealing secrets you never thought would see the light of day.

Next, the stage erupts into a symphony of flames as Edllusion unleashes his mastery of fire tricks, manipulating flames with an effortless grace that seems to defy the laws of physics. And just when you think the suspense cannot be heightened any further, Edllusion pushes the boundaries with his daring and dangerous stunts. Hearts race as he flirts with danger, defying death itself with death-defying feats that leave the audience gasping in disbelief. It’s a heart-stopping experience that will leave you on the edge of your seat, begging for more.

Don’t miss your chance to experience this extraordinary grand illusion show by Edllusion! Book your tickets now and witness the extraordinary for yourself.

What Our Client Say

If you want to make any event memorable, adding a touch of magic can be a great option. Let the show begin by booking your show with Edllusion.

The magic tricks were amazing and kept the children entertained and amazed throughout the entire performance. Edllusion also involved the children in the show, which made the experience even more memorable for them. The pricing was reasonable, and there were no hidden costs.
Heidi Stepniak
Heidi Stepniak
Love the entertainment! Ed is an amazing entertainer But need some new material :( Nuvo was far too dark to enjoy the experience. I remember many years ago seeing Ed and was amazing! He can definitely WOW a crowd but need a venue where it’s brighter and can bring the kiddos. Keep up the amazing work please bring some new stuffff to enjoy!
David Warner
David Warner
We had the pleasure of experiencing a corporate event with a performance by Edllusion, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. Edllusion magic tricks were not only entertaining, but also engaging and interactive, making the audience a part of the performance. Their ability to seamlessly blend humor and magic left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. I would highly recommend Edllusion to any company looking to add a touch of magic to their next event.
J Walker
J Walker
Amazing show. Great energy. Everyone loved him.
Debbie Gallo
Debbie Gallo
We hired Edllusion to provide interactive walking magic entertainment at our customer conference and he was a hit with everyone, guests and staff alike. He did a great job of mingling with the crowd and creating opportunities for our attendees to come together and chat. Ed is very natural and engaging. He knows how to draw people in so they don’t just watch the magic – they’re active participants in each trick. I strongly recommend Ed and will definitely be engaging him for future company events.
Noah Cohen
Noah Cohen
Edllusion brings the FIRE -- figuratively and literally!!! Engaging, energetic, fun, hilarious and impressive tricks. Highly recommend for big or small events. Looking forward to seeing you again brother. -Noah and the Light UP team
Ken C
Ken C
I am no stranger to the slight-of-hand involved in magic tricks, yet I could not keep up with Edwin's smooth movements and words, which consistently surprised me and my partner. In a word, magic :) Very talented and experienced magician sure to wow your guests.
Buddy Guy
Buddy Guy
Truly talented! Mr. Edllusion attended a birthday party I booked for a friend of mine's 10 year old, and gave such and awesome show. The children were in awe (the look on children's faces when surprised from magic tricks are priceless). Even my friends couldn't believe their eyes. This man's talent is on a level of its own and is a treat to all in any event! I would definitely book him again! Edllusion should be on T.V.