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Edllusion was born in August 30th 1988. He noticed he had a talent for performing magic at the early age of 15. He learned many of his skills by reading, practicing, and watching other professional magicians perform. He is very passionate about what he does because this type of atmosphere that he brings to this world is like bringing reality to a fantasy.

Magic has been his hobby since his young teen years as a Magician/Illusionist. His very first performance ever was at Hyde night club. Edllusion currently specializes in the performances of close up magic/cocktail magic also known as mingle magic, walk around magic or strolling magic. This is performed by walking up to a spectator and performing extreme magic, illusions or mind reading. When Edllusion performs magic he is showing you something or doing something that is not physically or mentally possible.

Performing magic has been addictive for Edllusion because he loves impressing the human eye to what is believed to be the impossible. The most intriguing thing about magic is the reactions and the appreciation of this existence of this type of visual art. His specialties in his magical performances are made use of using small objects like colour changing knifes, sponge Balls, Ropes, Playing cards, Flashing fire, and his most favorite of all Coins. Magic is more than just tricks and illusions for Edllusion it’s an amazing way to make an event unique and memorable and he is committed to sharing his passion with others.

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Edllusion provides the most professional magic service available in Toronto.

Experience the magic shows for yourself.

Refer a friend and get an hour on me.

  • Experience the magic shows for yourself
  • Enjoy the laughter and jokes
  • Witness the insanity
  • Becomea part of the magic show
  • View the tricks up close
  • Feel the magic in your hands
  • Invite creativity and class
  • Create a Vegas feel to your event
  • Stage Magic
  • Parlor
  • Close-up
  • Weddings
  • Office Parties
  • Nightlife Promotions
  • Surprise Magic shows
  • Kids Birthday parties